An Ogunquit, Maine Engagement Session by Eric Brushett Photography

Today’s engagement session, captured by Eric Brushett Photography, was taken in one of my favorite east coast towns, Ogunquit, Maine. A beautiful, peaceful and quiant town on the water, these gorgeous images truly make me want to grab my husband and go there for a week, or two, or how about the rest of summer!

From the beautiful bride-to-be, Holly:

Who popped the question and how?
When I left work on November 3, 2011, I thought we would be making one of our normal weekend trips up to Ogunquit, ME to relax and escape the craziness of New York City. 
 As I walked into the apartment on November 3rd  I noticed a table in the middle of the floor, a travel book of places we wanted to visit, and card with a series of steps to follow.  As I  turned to the listed page my passport had fallen out onto my feet and a picture of the Stanley Bridge in Vancouver, B.C. was staring me in the face – Vancouver was always a city I wanted to explore.  
The last and final step listed in the card…“NOW GO PACK WE TAKE OFF AT 11PM!”  
With Walt nowhere to be found, I was completely confused and made my way to the bedroom where an empty suitcase was left sitting out for me.  I began packing…
Upon arriving at the airport Walt continued to give me vague, nonchalant reasons as to why he had planned this trip but assured me we would be travelling to Vancouver for a couple of days.  As we began boarding Walt bolted off to get some “last minute snacks” leaving me to board alone.  Just as the cabin door was shutting I noticed Walt making his way down the aisle motioning to one knee.  Of course I said YES! 
What were your inspirations for the engagement shoot?
Being a graduate of Bates College located in Lewiston, ME, and having a family vacation home in Ogunquit, ME – Walt had spent much of his time in Maine.  
During the summer months Walter and I head up to Ogunquit, ME any chance we get.  There is something peaceful and carefree about the town that we just can’t get escape.  Originally we wanted to host their wedding in Maine, but quickly realized living in NYC and planning a wedding in Maine wasn’t going to work very easily. We thought the next best thing was to have our engagement pictures taken there. 
Eric was not only awesome enough to make the trek up to Maine and capture these beautiful pictures – he really allowed us to be ourselves and share some of our favorite spots with him.  
How do the pictures reflect the personality of you as a couple?
The majority of our free time is spent outdoors – exploring, kayaking, running, or just walking around enjoying the day.  We don’t take life too seriously and really felt the pictures captured this easy going,  fun loving and outdoorsy side of our personalities.  While formal clothing and beautiful structured backgrounds make for wonderful pictures we knew this just wasn’t our style.  We really wanted our pictures to reflect comfort - what we wear, experience and laugh about in our everyday lives. 

Eric Brushett Photography

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A City and Country Engagement Session by Jillian McDermott Photography

It is so important for your engagement session to reflect who you are as a couple, and Cristina and Kenny did just that by incorporating Kenny’s life in the city with Cristina’s love of the country. Jillian McDermott Photography perfectly captured the beautiful couple (and their adorable dog, Myla)!

From Jillian,

This engagement shoot has a bit of city and a bit of country. Kenny, has always lived in a city whereas Cristina, has lived in the Poconos for most of her life, which is very country. The couple wanted to combine the two styles into their engagement session. Along with this theme, they wanted to include their dog, Myla, since she is their baby. For the country setting, she wanted a picnic style shoot, and even went to her favorite bakery to have cookies made with the words “Marry me? and “Yes.” Cristina also purchased doggie cookies, for Myla. Cristina is full of compassion and a wonderful human being, She is an animal rights activist and fosters animals until they find good homes. Both her and Kenny have huge hearts! The couple met standing in line at an Egypt Central concert. The two sparked up a conversation while waiting, and he so sweetly asked her out on a date. Years later, Kenny decided to take Cristina on a stroll at midnight on a beach. He decided to walk to a point where the moon was providing sufficient lighting for Cristina to be able to see what his next move was. Kenny bent down on one knee and proposed. She replied “is this a joke?” as this was completely unexpected, and she was very surprised. She then squealed the word “YES!” and then says she threw herself in his arms. Cristina and Kenny originally planned for a destination wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and even had a date set. They later decided that it would be best to have the wedding in Maryland where they reside, so they can invite more of their family and friends and have more of their dream wedding.

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….vendors: photography: Jillian McDermott Photography // cake designer:  Touché Touchet Bakery // diy or handmade goods designer:  Knotty Notions

An Enchanting Anniversary Session by Kristen Booth Photography

You are about to feast your eyes on a truly gorgeous anniversary session by the seriously talented Kristen Booth Photography. Enjoy the perfect, dreamy, romantic light, the amazing scenery, the perfect photography, and the beautiful couple celebrating six wonderful years of marriage.

From the stunning Mandy:

I emailed Kristen earlier in the year telling her about my dream to kinda re-do my and my husband’s wedding photos. We didn’t get a ton of photos of just the two of us on our wedding day, and Kristen’s style is exactly what I imagined for our wedding photos. I told her how much I wished she could do our photos, but since she lived on the other side of the country (SoCal), I knew that wouldn’t happen. To my surprise Kristen had a trip planned to Virginia! I was so excited. We booked our session with Kristen, even though we’d still have to drive 8 hours to Williamsburg, Va, but it was so worth it. Our session with Kristen was more than I could have dreamed. She is described as the “Real Life Fairy Tale Photographer,” and she is exactly that. Wait til you see these photos! They are so dreamy! We were blessed with amazing light, an amazing location, horses, a field of buttercups, beautiful woods, just perfect! Seriously a fairy tale! 

Kristen Booth Photography

Drive-in Movie Theatre Retro Engagement by Terra Bailey Photography

We are so excited to share this next e-session with you. Captured by Terra Bailey Photography, the vintage car, roller skates and carnival make this retro session the perfect mix of fun and sexy. Enjoy!

From the photographer…

Sara and Aaron worked with the fabulous Lindsey Regan Thorne for styling and hair and makeup, then I added my photojournalistic ideas to create this awesome vintage engagement session. The session was shot at an old drive in movie theatre in North Carolina, ending at the local fair.

Fishing & Games Engagement Session by Casey Connell Photography

Our next engagement session comes to us from Casey Connell Photography. This super fun and adorable, outdoor e-session was inspired by the couple’s love of the outdoors. Amanda and Dan share a mutual love of camping, fishing and playing games, so it was only natural that they draw from that for their shoot. And check out how nicely these too clean up for some fancier photos at the end. Enjoy!

From the photographer,

Amanda’s sister is an incredibly talented and sought after videographer in upstate NY and Amanda is often her second shooter so when it came time to start planning her own wedding she had seen more than her fair share. Luckily having viewed so many couples through the lens she had lots of great ideas. For her engagement session, she and Dan knew they wanted something that was personal and reflected what they love. It didn’t take long to come up with an outdoors theme featuring camping, fly fishing, scrabble playing and some rummy at the state park where they got engaged at sunset. Amanda is gorgeous and always laughing when Dan is around. Dan is such a sweet cool guy. And together they fly fish on the weekends, Amanda even ties her own lures and has a smashing pink vest to hang them on. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for their December wedding.

An Enchanting Engagement Session by Colleen Schwulst Photography

We love this gorgeous Pennsylvania engagement session captured by Colleen Schwulst Photography. Such stunning images with amazing scenery, sweet props and beautiful horses!

From the photographer, Colleen:

This was such an enchanting engagement session in Pennsylvania where the horses came as a complete surprise to all of us!  The location was a friend’s house whose neighbor had the horses. They were so kind to allow us to use them in the session, and it created some magical moments. It was a very exciting day!

Congratulations, Kendra and Matt and thank you, Colleen Schwulst Photography, for sending these beautiful images our way!

Hollywood Inspired Engagement by O’Brien Photo

Hello and happy Tuesday! We are so excited to share this Hollywood inspired engagement session with you. Captured by the talented, O’Brien Photo, this gorgeous couple belongs in Hollywood! We love the movie set props and how they included their adorable dog, Nico. Enjoy!

From the photographer…

What can we say about Carly & Vinnie? They may in fact be the cutest couple on the face of the planet and hilarious to boot. As we took pictures in their home and in Forest Park, we laughed for 2 hours straight about anything and everything. We walked away from that session and wondered if we just did any work. We got home and looked at the pictures and I swooned…yes, swooned! We all know we love natural pictures and they just got each other laughing so much that they look so happy together. These two are perfect for each other. After being friends for years in high school, they finally got together a couple years after they graduated. They now own a cute house and an adorable dog Nico who apparently likes dressing in bandanas and being in front of cameras. When we started taking pictures at their house, he really wouldn’t get out of every shot. Almost every one of them had a little piece of Nico in it, so cute.

A Gorgeous Farm Engagement Session by Tami Melissa Photography

Coming back to our home state for this beautiful NJ engagement session. Captured by Tami Melissa Photography, Courtney and Andrew just glow with their love for one another on Andrew’s amazing family farm.

From the photographer, Tami:

Courtney and Andrew couldn’t be more different… She likes to shop, he likes to hunt… But all the differences has made them seem equal the perfect pair! Courtney and Andrew met during her freshman and his sophomore years in high school. Their lockers were right across the hall from one another, and by January that school year they were together and have been together ever since! After Courtney graduated high school, they started a long distance relationship when she went away to college. Through the years, their relationship seemed to grow and just get stronger! When Courtney graduated from college last year they knew they wanted to take the next step, but it took Andrew until November to finally pop the question! Andrew showed up at Courtney’s front door one night, and when she opened the door, there he was down on one knee!! He knew that she would be expecting something if they did anything out of the ordinary, so it was perfect!! They decided to have their engagement photos taken on Andrew’s family’s farm! It was a perfect evening!

Tami Melissa Photography