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{Krista} : My Bachelorette Extravaganza

By Krista

One of the best days leading up to the wedding was my bachelorette party. Bachelorette parties are an awesome excuse for getting your close girlfriends together and have a fantastic time doing whatever you love best!

While at first I wanted to be surprised, it ended up being a collaborative effort, and it couldn’t have been better. Being that I live in NJ, we are super close to NYC, so that was an easy destination for us all. My bridesmaid, Dawn, picked me up from my house, complete with a decorated car, and we drove into the city.

The girls and I stayed together in an affordable-for-NYC suite, perfect for getting ready together and roomy enough to be super comfortable. Yes  - they made me wear the bachelorette get-up, but we stayed classy.

We went to get dinner at a Puerto Rican restaurant, and while they assured me there would be no wait at 7:30, we showed up to a full restaurant and a 2 hour wait! There was no way we were going to wait that long…what to do…

We ended up going to Carmine’s! Affordable and delicious (and with no wait)!

After dinner, the plan was to go to The Duplex, a piano bar in the Village, and get a drink, sing some songs, and then walk around town and do some bar hopping. We walked into The Duplex and were surprised that it was so small! We managed to get a drink and seats near the piano after a few minutes to sit for a set of songs. The staff was so nice and the singers and pianist were amazingly talented. Well…we ended up having so much fun that we stayed there till close (that would be 4 AM).

We all had an amazing time and I thank my girls from the bottom of my heart for throwing me the BEST bachelorette party…ever.

{Krista} : I Drive a Prius

By Krista

I have always tried to be earth conscious. I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard environmentalist, but I do try to stay aware of how my actions affect the planet. Whenever it comes up in conversation or when I ask people to recycle, Brian always says, “She drives a Prius”.


I attempted to make my wedding green in many ways, starting with the venue choice. Mohonk Mountain House, in New Paltz, NY is committed to preserving the environment. Their wedding packages feature:

  • Organic, local, and seasonal menu options
  • Extensive composting and recycling facilities on premises
  • Flowers from their greenhouse
  • Reduced travel time by having your wedding and reception in one place
  • “Green” wedding menus customized by their Chef

How wonderful is that? Their environmentally friendly practices definitely helped motivate me to include more earth friendly elements in our wedding.


As I mentioned in my post last week, I created a wedding website easily on The Knot, which included matching save-the-date emails and electronic RSVP’s. We also included directions and hotel accommodation information on the website, which saved the need for extra enclosure cards. Yay for saving paper!

We didn’t go as far as electronic wedding invitations, but I did find amazing invitations from Wedding Paper Divas, that not only perfectly reflected Brian and I and the town we were getting married in, but was also printed on recycled paper.


I asked my lovely bridesmaids to try and make my bridal shower more environmentally friendly, so instead of wrapping each gift, they asked the guests to avoid wrapping paper with the following cute message:

This bride-to-be is going green!
Bring your gifts unwrapped for all to see.
A ribbon, bow, or twine would be just fine,
But hold the bags and paper if you don’t mind.

So instead of wrapping the gifts, many guests brought them in reusable bags! Brian and I now keep them in each of our cars and we will never need to use a plastic bag again!


Our rehearsal dinner was held at a wonderful small Italian restaurant, Casa Mia, in Highland, NY. They not only had delicious food but they grow and use their own vegetables!


While I did my best to make environmentally friendly decisions, I know there is more we could have done. However, if everyone planning a wedding starts making a few more green choices, a big impact can be made!

So I ask, what will you do to make your wedding a little easier on the planet?


{Krista} : Save-the-dates and RSVP’s

By Krista

One of the first things I did when I got engaged was register for The Knot. I should say, really register for The Knot, since I’ve been registering with fake wedding dates and fiances since I was in high school. The Knot is definitely helpful but overwhelming - filled with hairstyles, color combinations, wedding dresses, accessories, vendors, favors, advice in articles and lots of opinions in the forums. I was inspired by many things on The Knot; however, the most helpful part of the site was the free wedding website and RSVP system.

Our budget was pretty much spent on the venue, so I needed to find ways to cut as many costs as possible and I quickly decided electronic save-the-dates and RSVP’s were the way to go. I looked at different sites to create a wedding website, such as and, but The Knot’s templates just seemed super easy and had a style that fit our wedding colors and theme details.

The save-the-date emails were actually very well received! I had a fleeting moment of panic that some people might find it tacky, but then I decided not to care! :) I was trying to keep the wedding as green as possible, and electronic communication was a great way to save paper. For the few guests that didn’t have email, I made simple save-the-dates to send them.

As for RSVP’ing, online is the way to go! Not only do you save money, but you save a lot of energy worrying about who is coming because it’s a lot easier to click on the computer than to walk to the mailbox. I don’t think I’ve ever responded to a wedding on time because I forget/lose the RSVP card (sorry to all my friends for making you wait)! It was so much fun to instantly get everyone’s RSVP response and meal choice sent to my email. I had a majority of guests responses weeks before the RSVP date.

Because so much was done on the website, we had a lot of guests sign the guestbook. After the wedding, it was easy to save, print, and include in our scrapbook.

When all was said and done, I am so glad we did this. It was super easy and green (both with helping the environment and saving money)! Without save-the-dates, RSVP cards and the stamps, we saved well over $300, and when paying for a wedding every little bit helps. It also saved a LOT of time, which when working full-time, tutoring, trying to make time for exercising, cleaning, cooking, planning the wedding and having a life, definitely helped!

Will any of you be using electronic or non-traditional methods of save-the-dates or RSVP’s???


{Krista} My Gorgeous Gray Bridesmaids Dresses

By Krista

As soon as I sat down and started perusing different color combinations, one stood out from the rest and I knew I had to use it - yellow and gray. A modern, clean and simple combination that is unique, unexpected and beautiful. I was torn only on which color to use for the bridesmaids dresses…do I go yellow or gray? Then I found these weddings and I was sold!

1, 2, 3

I took so many ideas from these three weddings alone! I love the Sarah Seven chiffon bridesmaids dresses of the third wedding, however they were slightly over what I wanted my bridesmaids to spend. So instead, I went with two styles of J Crew graphite dresses:

Similar to the second wedding, my girls carried yellow roses and I carried ivory roses. I loved how simple it looked but it was still bold, made a statement, and was gorgeous!

Love, love, love how everything turned out! My girls looked gorgeous, and I even plan on borrowing one of the dresses for Keri’s wedding in July!

{Krista} My 3 Dresses

By Krista

Wedding planning is full of decisions…what venue, which flowers, what colors, what will the wedding party wear, what will the groom wear, and perhaps the most important, what will the bride wear!

I always dreamed of what wedding dress I would end up wearing. I watched ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and could not wait to go dress shopping, maybe even experience Kleinfeld’s. I never thought that I would buy three (yes, three) dresses,  with my final purchase only 4 weeks before the wedding.

When we originally thought we were having a Disney wedding, I was immediately drawn to J Crew. Simple, lightweight, and reasonably priced, I figured I could find one there - and I did! When I saw it online, I knew it was perfect for a Florida wedding, not to mention beautiful and unique.


I was in love with the asymmetrical straps and the flowers. I thought it was the one.

And then the venue changed, and it wasn’t the one anymore. I had to take it back.

I went with my sister-in-law to a bridal shop nearby, and didn’t find anything that I liked. We went back to J Crew and tried on a few more dresses and I fell in love with another one! The Bow Monde dress, which was not a dress I wanted to try on, but the sales associate convinced me not to judge it on the hanger.


It is a beautiful dress. The material is heavenly. I loved the simplicity and the details of the bow and the buttons on the back. I felt gorgeous and like a bride.


My love for this dress dwindled, though, for three reasons: 1) Brian saw a picture of a dress with a similar bow and made a comment on how much he didn’t like it, 2) I had my mother take a picture of me in it, and while I love the way it looked on, it didn’t look the same in pictures, and 3) my Dad didn’t love it. This was enough to make me not want to wear it anymore, but, unfortunately, it was only 4 weeks before the wedding when I came to this decision!!!!!

Luckily, Priscilla of Boston said they had some samples I could try on and buy off the rack. There was still hope! I tried on 4 dresses at Priscilla, and immediately knew the Jane dress was for me. It was simple, but the V in the back and the buttons all the way down the train made it striking.



They were willing to sell me the one in stock, which happened to be brand new and never tried on! Perfect, right? Only problem was the size - it was a 12, and I’m a 2. I thought I would lose the chance to wear this gorgeous gown. Luckily, they said they could alter it and I had my first fitting that day! There was no turning back!

The rest is history (with a few more bumps along the way - we’ll get to that another day) and I got to wear my dream dress on my wedding day. :)