{Krista} Can’t believe it’s been a year!

We are not huge celebrators…we don’t pop the champagne on our dating or engagement anniversary. Birthdays are usually a quiet dinner or hanging out with friends. But today, we have something we are definitely going to toast to - our one-year anniversary!

It seems like yesterday I put on that white dress, got all dolled up, and had the best time with new husband, family and friends. I’m not good with the sappy anniversary phrases even though I would mean every one of them (you know, like the “I’m so lucky I married my best friend” or “I’m so happy I found my soul mate), so I’m just going to say this, Happy Anniversary to my husband, Brian. You are handsome, hilarious, supportive, fun and can even be thoughtful at times :) and here’s to many more years of making incredible memories!

And as a thank you to all our friends and family who support and love us, let’s relive the day together!

{Krista} Fastpass Escort Cards

Brian and I had to include Disney World in some aspect of our wedding, so we created our very own Fastpass!  Each table was assigned a ride (with a picture of us in front of the ride) instead of a number and the Fastpass was our clever way of directing each of our guests to their table. If you are not familiar, a Fastpass is a card you get at Disney World that assigns you a time to get on the ride with minimal wait. Here’s an example of what they look like at WDW:

Here’s my version:

So it’s not exactly the same…I wanted to use our colors and make it slightly fancier. I took the fastpasses and backed them with yellow cardstock, a stamp of cute lovebirds, and the guests’ names.

On each table was the picture of us in front of the ride:

And, for anyone out there interested in making similar escort cards, here’s the word file I created! Fastpass Escort Card

{Krista} : The Wedding Accessories

For wedding jewelry and accessories, I knew I wanted my pieces to be simple and sparkly. Since it was an outdoor day wedding, I felt big or excessive jewelry would not look right. I also never wear a lot of accessories, so keeping it simple was more comfortable and helped me to feel myself on the big day.

The Hair

I toyed with the idea of a veil. I truly love a sheer veil that grazes the floor. It’s so graceful and elegant.

I loved the way I felt in a veil; however, the budget wouldn’t allow for the one I wanted. I was sad for a brief moment, and then I found this gorgeous flower fascinator, by Powder Blue Bijoux, on Etsy:

It was just so perfectly me and for $50 I could not go wrong!

The Earrings

I stumbled upon the perfect earrings when I went to a Stella and Dot party with my bridesmaid Ashley. They were the perfect size, had the perfect amount of sparkle, and I loved the vintage feel to them.

The Brooch

My last accessory was a brooch that I wore on my dress (yup, no necklace or bracelet - I really meant I kept it simple). I bought it at Priscilla of Boston when I went for my second dress fitting a week before my wedding and it completed my look.

I feel like it all came together perfectly and could not be happier with how the accessories complemented my dress and made me feel!

Picture Perfect Portraits


{Krista} Greetings from WDW

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend and spent time with those you love. I’m using my weekly post to say hello from Walt Disney World! As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my husband and I love coming to this magical place, and it has made a great spring break vacation!

Back with more wedding planning talk next week!

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

{Krista’s Wedding} The First Dance

Music is an important part of the wedding ceremony and reception, and perhaps the most important song of the entire day, is the first dance. Many couples have a song designated as “their song” throughout their years of dating. Others share a love of the same artist or genre. Brian and I shared the love for Scrubs…yes, our song came from a television show.

While planning the wedding, Brian told me that he chose a song for our first dance but he wanted it to be a surprise. This stressed me out more than you can imagine. Not that I didn’t trust him, but this was going to be our song, and it scared me to not have any control over it!

After a couple weeks, I sat in the living room, watching the last episode of our favorite show Scrubs when the final scene came on. It’s a montage of images with our favorite characters, with the song Book of Love, by Peter Gabriel. As soon as I started listening to the words of the song, I looked at Brian, and knowing what I was going to say, he said that it was the song he’d already chosen.

So I should have had faith in him…it worked out perfectly.

The Book of LoveThe Book of Love

What is your first dance song?

{Krista’s Wedding} Can the Mothers Wear Black?

It was important to me that my mother and Brian’s mother be comfortable and feel gorgeous on our wedding day. My mother doesn’t dress up too often, so I definitely wanted her to shop at a place with stylists to help her pull together a fabulous outfit. Our first (and only) stop was White House Black Market. I personally love the clothes, shoes and accessories at this boutique. They are sophisticated, classy and beautiful, perfect for a mother-of-the-bride!

My mother tried on multiple dresses, and we settled on a gorgeous black dress, with black cap sleeves and a patent leather belt. It hit her at all the right places and she looked amazing!

Now, some of the traditionalists might be appalled by a black dress, associating it with mourning. However, with the right style, black is sophisticated, classic, formal and incredibly slimming! Brian’s mother even chose a black ensemble and she looked beautiful, too!

What do you want your mother to wear to your wedding? 

East Coast Bride Photo Session by Kristen Driscoll Photography

Last week, Krista and I met with New Jersey photographer, Kristen Driscoll of Kristen Driscoll Photography / Love Me I Do for a fun little session in the New Jersey beach town, Asbury Park. We had a blast at the shoot, but, you see, we are used to being behind the camera, not in front of it. We put Kristen to work that day and she nailed it, getting these fabulous shots, out of two very camera shy editors. Here’s part one. Let us know what you think!

Thanks Kristen! We had a blast!

{Krista’s Wedding} Cake

Looking back at my wedding, I can honestly say that the easiest decision, by far, was the cake design and flavors! As I searched for yellow and gray wedding inspiration, I stumbled upon this cake:

Stephanie Williams Photography

I was in love. It was beautiful, casual, and the birds matched our invitations, save-the-dates and website! We went to The Pastry Garden in Poughkeepsie, NY to discuss our design and sample flavors. We decided on a small 3 layer cake with our design and a sheet cake (this was the best option for us and our budget). Ready for the flavors?

  • Sheet Cake: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Filling
  • Bottom Two Layers: White Cake with White Chocolate Mouse and Fresh Berries Filling
  • Top Layer: White Cake with Cannoli Filling

The results were amazing! I consider myself a cake snob and I was ridiculously happy with the design, flavor and lightness of the cake.

What were your cake inspirations? What flavors do you want?