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A Retro Bachelorette Party by Paige Winn Photo

By Krista

Happy 4th of July East Coast Brides! We have the perfect event to share with you today as you soak up the sun and celebrate our independence, a retro pool- and beach-side bachelorette party captured by the super talented Paige Winn Photo (you may remember we highlighted her amazing work as a featured photographer). Enjoy!

From the photographer, Paige Winn:

I was thrilled when Amanda came to me for the idea to do a retro beach shoot!  Her friends went all out and purchased their adorable bathing suits just for the day.  Amanda had her’s specially made.  We did the shoot at Wild Dunes Resort on Isle of Palms, and the girls had the attention of everyone nearby!  After we were done with photos, they spent the day relaxing and tanning out by the pool.


vendors: photographer: Paige Winn Photo // venue: Wild Dunes Resort

{Keri} : Bachelorette Fabulousness

By Keri

With just about 4 months left until our wedding, its time to think about the parties that go along with the wedding: the shower, rehearsal dinner, and of course, the bachelorette party. Luckily, I have some fabulous ladies that will be taking care of all the details for my actual bachelorette party, but Krista and I had so much fun styling this bachelorette party inspiration shoot that I thought it would be fun to imagine what I would like my own bachelorette party to look like.

Being from New Jersey, there are a couple of typically bachelorette party locations: NYC, Atlantic City, or of course, Las Vegas. While I am looking forward to a fun night out with the girls, I want to do something that is accessible to everyone. Something gorgeous and glamourous with a touch of class. Champagne is a definite must.

Here is what my ideal bachelorette party decor would look like.

one, two, three, four

*Tell us about your ideal bachelorette party!

Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party

By Krista

Throwing a the perfect bachelorette party can be more stressful than you think! However, if you follow these simple steps, you can smoothly plan a party to remember.

1) Choose a host: 

Before planning the details, make sure there is a designated person in charge.Whether it be the bride’s mother, sister, maid-of-honor or a bridesmaid, it helps to have someone to oversee the planning and make final decisions (especially when there are lots of people and lots of ideas involved).

2) Ask the bride-to-be whether she wants to be involved:

Sometimes the bride-to-be has bachelorette party ideas of her own! Whether she gives general ideas or a specific party plan, she should definitely be given the option to either participate or have it be a surprise.

3) Plan the party:

  • First, decide on the guest list. Will it be just the bridal party or include friends, coworkers or family of the bride-to-be?
  • Second, decide on the date (and don’t forget to contact the bride-to-be to make sure she has the date free first!)
  • Now you can start to plan the party! If the bride-to-be wants to be surprised, think about what she loves to do. Does she like to stay at home and drink wine with the girls or a go out and dance all night? You’ll want to plan a party where she can comfortably spend time with her girlfriends, laughing, reminiscing, and having fun (some embarrassment is fine, of course, you know how far you can push it)!
  • Keep in mind who’s on the guest list, how much they may be able to spend, and how far they can travel. Perhaps start a Facebook page for the event where you can get input from the guests!
  • Spread the word through invitations, evites, Facebook, email or phone calls. Depending on the type of party and reservations that need to be made, you may want the guests to officially RSVP by a certain date.

Camille Styles

If you plan ahead and work with what the bride-to-be loves to do, then you will throw an amazing bachelorette party. Just remember that this party is about her, and all she wants to do is spend an awesome night with her best friends.

{Krista} : My Bachelorette Extravaganza

By Krista

One of the best days leading up to the wedding was my bachelorette party. Bachelorette parties are an awesome excuse for getting your close girlfriends together and have a fantastic time doing whatever you love best!

While at first I wanted to be surprised, it ended up being a collaborative effort, and it couldn’t have been better. Being that I live in NJ, we are super close to NYC, so that was an easy destination for us all. My bridesmaid, Dawn, picked me up from my house, complete with a decorated car, and we drove into the city.

The girls and I stayed together in an affordable-for-NYC suite, perfect for getting ready together and roomy enough to be super comfortable. Yes  - they made me wear the bachelorette get-up, but we stayed classy.

We went to get dinner at a Puerto Rican restaurant, and while they assured me there would be no wait at 7:30, we showed up to a full restaurant and a 2 hour wait! There was no way we were going to wait that long…what to do…

We ended up going to Carmine’s! Affordable and delicious (and with no wait)!

After dinner, the plan was to go to The Duplex, a piano bar in the Village, and get a drink, sing some songs, and then walk around town and do some bar hopping. We walked into The Duplex and were surprised that it was so small! We managed to get a drink and seats near the piano after a few minutes to sit for a set of songs. The staff was so nice and the singers and pianist were amazingly talented. Well…we ended up having so much fun that we stayed there till close (that would be 4 AM).

We all had an amazing time and I thank my girls from the bottom of my heart for throwing me the BEST bachelorette party…ever.