A Circle B Bar Reserve Engagement Session by Annie Agarwal Photography

We are in love with this engagement session. Free of props but full of gorgeous scenery, perfect light, a couple in love and beautiful photography by Annie Agarwal Photography.

From the bride-to-be, Meagan:

Kenneth popped the question on December 2, 2011.  At that point, we were still living four hours away from each other and he planned to visit for the weekend.  I came home from work early thinking I would be able to cook dinner and get a few things done before he arrived in town.  When I got home there was pink ribbon tied blocking the entrance of the staircase to my garage apartment.  There was a sign that explained I needed to follow directions very carefully and to follow the ribbon.  As I followed the ribbon upstairs, Kenneth had tied pictures of significant places or quotes from our time of dating.  They were placed all around my patio area and then continued into the apartment.  The ribbon concluded at my dog Moose’s kennel.  There was a note from Moose stating, “Mommy please let me outside.”  I let him out and opened the front door.  Kenneth was standing there waiting for me and after a hug, he got on one knee.  It turns out he had arrived in town earlier that day to have lunch with my Mother and ask for her blessing and permission for my hand in marriage.  It was a day I will never forget!

This collection of pictures reflects us a couple because they capture us in an environment that we both love so much. Many of the pictures show us in a very playful or caring moment. This reflects our personality greatly because we both love to have fun with each other and we both care deeply for one another. One of Kenneth’s favorite pictures of the shoot is a picture of us holding one another on a dead oak tree. The twisted branches of the dead oak surrounding us create the an image of chaos. In the midst of all the chaos, there we are, and in that moment the only thing that matters is that we have each other. This image is such an awesome reflection of the Godly relationship that we try to live in today’s world.  

Annie Agarwal Photography

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  1. Thompson Masters says:

    Love this photo shoot, it’s like the Photographer never even took one bad shot. They all are perfect!

  2. Dee Shackelford says:

    These are amazing…love how there are no props..and genuine love shows through…

  3. Karen Taggart says:

    That is my wonderful nephew and his beautiful bride. I love you guys!!! KAKA

  4. Cheryl Law says:

    My beautiful daughter and most wonderful son-in- law! I have no words to describe how I feel. My cup runneth over!

  5. Heather Diaz says:

    Truly amazing shoot! Annie Agarwal photography is simply the best! And the couple looks so happy and so in love! Very beautiful pictures indeed!

  6. April morales says:

    Such a great shoot! Good job Annie! What a beautiful couple :) .

  7. Marsha Faux says:

    Great job Annie! Meagan is my neice and we Thank God for putting Kenneth in her life and ours! Love You Both!

  8. Bonnie Nelson says:

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. Best wishes to you always.

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