{Keri’s Wedding} : Nautical Beach Engagement

Since the moment Dan proposed, I knew I wanted to incorporate  each of our individual interests  into the wedding and the engagement session was a good place to start. We decided to take the pictures down the shore on little island Dan grew up going to. Of course, since it was an island, we had to get there by boat, which was a nice way to include Dan’s family’s boat, and his love for the ocean.

You may remember from my proposal story that I am a runner. I have run 4 marathons, including Boston and New York, so you may say running is a big part of my life and I wanted to somehow find a way to incorporate my running into the wedding, just as Dan did in his proposal.I knew I had to somehow involve running into the session, and while Dan isn’t a runner, he was a good sport about it.

I also knew I wanted to incorporate our wedding date into the shoot somehow. I ordered a foam life preserver online and stenciled our wedding date on it.

Ultimately, I wanted the session to be “us” and show our love for each other.
Photos by Amanda Van Voorhis

I have some other ideas on how to incorporate our hobbies and interests into the wedding, but you will just have to wait and see.

*How did you or would you make your wedding ‘you’?

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